artist depiction Series One

“It’s a must-watch.”

—Matt Novak, Paleofuture/Gizmodo

“Fascinating series about the melding of art and technology. Highly Recommended.”

—Patrick McCray, author The Visioneers: How a Group of Elite Scientists Pursued Space Colonies, Nanotechnologies, and a Limitless Future

“Again, Bonowicz delivers a love-letter to concept art and design. If you’ve got your eye on the future, then learn about those who’ve helped shape it.”

—Sci-Fi London

“A fantastic film, covering a broad array of artists working on incredible if not objectively insane projects. What really got me was the desire of the artists to create art that is both visually pleasing that people can relate to — bringing the technology to the general masses — but at the same time, putting in immense efforts to be true to the underlying science.”

— Dov Greenbaum, Director of the Zvi Meitar Institute for Legal Implications of Emerging Technologies

“In an era when engineering and technology can seem like they are taking over, Artist Depiction reminds us that art is still the best tool for thinking about other worlds. Each of these episodes is a close and compelling look into the minds and processes of people who make the art that makes the future.”

— Fred Scharmen, author Space Settlements

closer than we think


"An exhaustive examination of Radebaugh’s art and life." — Science

"How fortunate we are that some people are optimistic enough to imagine a dazzling future and courageous enough to share their vison! Thank you Arthur Radebaugh for urging a nation down a hopeful path 60 years ago with pens, ink, and ideas. And, thank you Brett Ryan Bonowicz for deftly capturing the life and work of Radebaugh in the documentary film Closer Than We Think. Watching this film reminded me of an Issac Newton quote, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” Radebaugh was a giant and we have seen further because of him."

— Sharon Moen, senior science writer for the University of Minnesota Sea Grant Program and author of With Tomorrow in Mind: How Athelstan Spilhaus Turned America Toward the Future.



the perfect 46


"****" — Film Threat       "Timely" — Science       "Compelling" — Birth. Movies. Death. 


"Not since Gattaca has a film so thoughtfully and provocatively grappled with the medical and ethical consequences of ubiquitous genomic profiling. Written and directed by the very talented Brett Bonowicz, The Perfect 46 is an engaging drama set in the plausibly near future that ought to appeal to anyone with DNA."

— Kevin Davies, Author of "The $1,000 Genome”


"The Perfect 46 raises disturbing (and critical) questions about the seductive power of technology—and features a main character who seems not just believable, but creepily familiar. It is a classic story with a present day twist: what happens when scientific knowledge and technical know-how outrun our limited human ability to predict consequences? Striving for perfection when we have so little idea of what ”perfect” means can become the road to both societal and personal insanity."

— KC Cole, Author of "Something Incredibly Wonderful Happens”


"It would be wrong to call The Perfect 46 a science fiction film. A decade ago that genre assignment would have been appropriate. But today, the actual science in the film has crossed over into reality, and we, as a society, will soon be grappling with the issues raised by its ultimate use in selecting healthy genes for our children. It’s not just genetic technology that is accurately portrayed but the limits imposed by randomness on all technologies. The Perfect 46 tells the very human story of both sides of the divide with lessons for all.” 

— Lee Silver, Professor of Molecular Biology, Princeton University and Co-Founder of GenePeeks Inc.


“The first film to capture the startup culture of personal genomics. Timely and provocative”

— Misha Angrist, Author of “Here is a Human Being: At the Dawn of Personal Genomics”


"The Perfect 46 artfully depicts the very slippery slope at the intersection between genetic technology and real world eugenics. Director Brett Ryan Bonowicz provides an entertaining (and terrifying) insight into what could happen when our genomes becomes intertwined with our social network profiles."

— Ellen Matloff, Director of Yale Cancer Genetic Counseling


"The Perfect 46 does not feel like it’s happening in some distant era. In fact, I was struck by how unfuturistic it all seemed.”

— Susan Young, MIT Technology Review


"The Perfect 46 is science fiction that doesn’t rely on speculative science, but takes a ‘what if’ view of existing science and technology, and mixes in human drama, to tell a cautionary tale of something chillingly plausible.

— Sci-Fi London Film Festival


“A worryingly believable cautionary tale about a geneticist who creates, a matchmaking website that pairs users with their ideal genetic partner, a program that has the potential to eliminate genetic diseases and defects in future generations. Director Brett Bonowicz cuts between fake news reports and documentary interviews to create an eye-opening take on genetic ethics in the data-sharing world of social media. A thought-provoking film with an excellent lead performance from Whit Hertford — and not a single evil clone army in sight.” 

— London Evening Standard


"...a fascinating film full of challenging ideas that puts your brain to work. [Whit] Hertford delivers...a tour de force performance, creating a character that can be lauded and loathed in equal measure..."

— Mark Bell, Film Threat


"In short: marvelous and intriguing."

— Joanne Manaster, Scientific American